Wilson, Socio de Honor de la AIM

Carta enviada el 20.9. 2007 a Edward O. Wilson solicitando que aceptara ser Socio de Honor de la AIM:

Dear and most admired Professor:
During summer 2006, a small group of enthusiasts of myrmecology founded the Asociación Ibérica de Mirmecología (Myrmecological Iberian Association) which in less than a year has been able of drawing together all the Iberian scholars in the field, like Professors Xavier Espadaler and Alberto Tinaut, as well as organizing its second symposium on the taxonomy of ants, which resulted in a great success, see http://mirmiberica.org/Taxomara2007. Cedric A. Collingwood, to whom we own the very beginnings of contemporary myrmecology in the Iberian Peninsula, is already an AIM Honorary Member, and we would be extremely honoured if also you accepted the aforementioned Membership.
Since you are justly admired in our country and your work is here vastly recognized, your Honorary Membership would be of great value for all of us, if you only deemed the AIM worthy of you. If you accepted it, the AIM Honorary Membership would be conferred on you taking advantage of one of the acts the Generalitat will organized for you on the occasion of your coming to  Barcelona in November for the prize-giving ceremony of the Premi Internacional Catalunya, whose present recipient you so deservedly are.
With greatest respect, admiration and gratitude, yours sincerely,
Xavier Roig
President of AIM

Comunicación del 27.9.2007 de E. O. Wilson aceptando la distinción de la AIM:

Dear X. Roig:

I'm very grateful for your letter of September 20 and invitation to be an AIM Honorary Member. I accept this honor with gratitude, and look forward to seeing you in Barcelona.

Warm regards,

Edward O. Wilson

Respuesta de gratitud a E. O. Wilson del 27.9.2007:

Dear Professor Wilson:

In the name of all the AIM members, thank you very much for your acceptance. We all feel deeply touched and honored by it. We will surely meet in Barcelona; the Organization for the Catalunya International Prize will facilitate and arrange our encounter. Until then, most kind regards;

Xavier Roig